RECLAIM Your Joy, Sanity and Confidence!

Become The Happy Successful Woman You Were Always Meant To Be!

Stop settling for second best and allowing self-doubt to keep you stuck instead flip the switch on your inner critic and master your emotions to start feeling happier, more in control and glowing with confidence!

Let me show you how 


Get instant access to a powerful set of practical tools for Self-Care, Emotional Healing, and Self-Love

As used by hundreds of my private clients Glow will help you de-stress, find your voice, and harness your powers of feminine energy, self-love and confidence so you can claim your happiness, success and sanity living every day as the best version of you.

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Heya gorgeous Ang here 

If you struggle with feeling confident, find it difficult to put yourself before others or perhaps you feel invisible and undervalued in your relationships. I understand.

That's why I made this for you 

Let's be honest, standing in front of a mirror feeling confident and loving who you see staring back at you is hard! 

Standing up for your desires, following your intuition when others don't understand and honouring your needs before those of others is even harder - Right?

There is so much negativity around us, our to-do lists are overflowing and with life moving so fast it’s easy to feel lost, fall into a pattern of 'not- enoughness' and lose sight of how wonderful you really are.

I get it! I was the same!!

I struggled with self-confidence, and feelings of low self-worth and often found myself stuck in a loop of negative self-talk that kept dragging me down.

If we were having a coffee I would tell you the story of how I didn't like looking at my reflection, I struggled with feeling "not good enough" and felt lost (I call these my beige couch years)

That's why I made it my mission to learn the easiest and more effective ways to fall back in love with myself, to feel good in my skin and confident in the woman I was and wanted to be. I knew HOW IMPORTANT IT WAS! 

For me and for those I loved most. Now if you're here ...

It's time to CHOOSE YOU! 

If you find it hard saying no to others or find that the things that matter to you get pushed to the side? 

If you find yourself always doing everything for everyone else, putting yourself last and now the OVERWHELM has you feeling drained? 

It's Time To Flip The Switch On Your Inner Critic and Start Feeling CONFIDENT, BALANCED and SEEN.

This Is YOUR Sign To Harness Your Power And Start Putting Yourself First!

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to self-love, but with GLOW you can work to your strengths and nurture your needs.

  It's time to release any doubt and your inner mean girl 

  It's time to unlock the secrets to your success and happiness 

It's time to finally feel noticed and appreciated in your relationships

It's time to be filled with energy and motivation to achieve all YOU desire

  It's time to GLOW and love who you see in the mirror, finally feeling seen, valued and more confident within

 And it all starts here with Glow your journey back to self-love.

With this self-love course you will step into living with greater confidence, energy and happiness ...reclaiming back your personal power and sanity!


This Exclusive Offer Is ONLY Available On This Page

(Value $127) 

Wondering if this is right for you?

Does this sound familiar...

- You often feel self-conscious in your relationships both intimate and friendships

- You often feel overwhelmed by social pressures to be perfect and this sends you down the rabbit hole of comparing yourself to others which is stealing your happiness

- Your anxiety levels increase when you know you need to set boundaries and stand up for your own needs and personal desires

- It's difficult to put yourself and your priorities before those of others which is affecting both your sanity and emotional health

What you REALLY want is to feel good in your skin, full of energy, connected to those you love and... take back your personal power ASAP!

You're SO Ready To...

Wake up feeling freaking fantastic, confident and motivated for the day ahead 

 Feel strong and confident asking for what you need and want (and what you don't *wink*) 

 Understand your emotions and how they are guiding you so you own your power

 Feel stronger navigating challenges and no longer feel stuck or held back by your inner critic and fears 

 Improve your relationships with those who matter most 

 Release stress and feeling of anxiety so that every day you experience more success and happiness 

 Finally feel good in your own skin as the powerful confident EMPOWERED woman you know you were always meant to be


This is your invitation to GLOW

This Exclusive Offer Is ONLY Available On This Page(Value $127)

Here's what is waiting for you inside this transformational program

Reignite the magic that is you and step into living with greater confidence, and radiance and experience more happiness and love in your everyday life. This Ebook is an easy guide to loving yourself again.

Self-love is the answer to releasing stress and having more wealth in all areas of your life but it can be hard to know where to start. This easily breaks it all down for you and gives you the path to move forward. 

So often the reason we are stuck believing our inner critic or in old habits is because we don't believe in our enough-ness. GLOW self-love workbook and 31-Day journal was created to help you step into the belief that you are enough and to help you fall back in love with you, your life and feel confident.

If you struggle with saying no to others or find that the things that matter to you get pushed to the side you may want to create new loving person boundaries. With this workbook, you will know how to create loving boundaries and reclaim your personal power with confidence and love

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a negative thought loop, overwhelmed or burnt out this set of meditations, EFT tapping and shifting limiting beliefs workbook allows you to release these unhelpful thoughts. energetic blocks to give you back the confidence, freedom and love you deserve

Plus Your Bonus

This masterclass was taken directly from my Firefly Academy as I know the power behind having a real person standing beside you as you navigate your self-love journey.

Emotions can be confusing and hard to understand! Life can often have us feeling like we are stuck in a web of emotions, but did you know they are guiding you? This module will recognise and understand your emotions so that you can get back on track and enjoy each and every day feeling more peace and inner calm. Inside you also get a bonus 7-day self-awareness journal to feel back in control, calm and at peace.

Feel like you're too busy for self-love? I have put together 7 different self-love One Minute rituals into an Ebook that are guaranteed to help you de-stress and make you feel like a million bucks

This Exclusive Offer Is ONLY Available On This Page(Value $127)

Let me tell you a story...

10 years ago I looked in the mirror and didn’t feel any connection to the face of the woman staring back at me  

I knew she was me but I kinda felt like I didn’t know who “ME” was  

I’d poke at my flaws in the mirror  

Would do my best as a wife and mum and feel like it was never enough 

 And felt guilty because I “should” have been really bloody happy  

But I wasn’t. I was lost. And felt like I had no purpose or passion 

 10 years later I feel like a different person in so many ways 

 I have achieved things that I never even knew I ever could  

And I have walked through some of life’s hardest seasons and challenges, a little stronger and wiser for the walk 

 I’m proud of myself for staying committed to my dreams

Proud of all I have accomplished both professionally and personally  

Proud that even when others doubt me I hold onto the faith that No.thing I could desire isn’t meant for me  

It’s my job to follow the energy of desire and the actions she guides me to take - even on the darkest of day (because spoiler alert they still happen) …  

Even when they don’t make sense or scare the hell out of me 

 I know I am meant to make a positive difference whilst also being wealthy and rich  

So the questions most people ask are:  

“How did you get started?”  

“What did you do?”  

“How did to rise above all?”  

And the answer never changes 

The first step to positively changing your life to 

Creating and manifesting the seemingly impossible goals you have starts with learning how to love yourself first!

Within GLOW I have brought together all the tools and practices that have worked for me to help me become the best version of my wealthy, happy and glowing

Now it's your turn to GLOW

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